I Cried…

My work makes me cry.  I try to work hard.  It’s been 4 years that I am working hard in this company.  I am their only programmer.  Well right now, we got a newly under 3 months programmer.  So the company got 2 programmers now.

For the four years, I got no Christmas bonus.  I know the bonus is not required.  But I felt like taken for granted.  All of my previous employers gave me bonus.  And my current employer won’t.  My current employers are like my friends.  I care for them.  What an irony!

The pressure is killing me.  I need to finish this project ASAP.  I’m so tired.  Today is holiday.  But I’m here at the office.  I would be working too on this coming Sunday.  I got a fix salary, meaning no less when I’m late or absent.  And I got no OT pay too!

Why the hell am I in this company?  This company is very near home.  And finally, I can’t leave them.  They said they still can’t make it without me.

I hope to get a Christmas bonus this December.  It’s not about the money.  I would like to feel important to them, and not taken for granted.

2 thoughts on “I Cried…”

  1. They should take care of you because you are their only programmer. Even if now they have added another programmer, your 4 years with them counts a lot in your favor, it means you really know your job. And I really think that they should pay you for the extra time you give. Business yung company nila so di dapt magiging libre yung OT mo. at meron akong nabasa sa isa sa mga blogs mo na ala ka raw SSS and Philhealth or something like that? Uy bawal yun. Dapat bayaran nila yun.
    .-= Pastilan´s last blog ..Asus Disney Netpal =-.

  2. i’m hoping na sana, maincrease na ako kahit next year. alam mo pastilan and iceah, i try not to be mayabang and try to be just a normal programmer when in front of everybody, kahit sabihin nilang naaamaze sila (boss, clients, officemates, friends, teachers, classmates), i do tell them na normal lang ako. ayaw ko magyabang, pero deep inside, i know i’m better compare to a lot of analyst/db admin/programmers out there. pero eto nandito ako, dahil i want to have time for my child.

    i am thinking of installing english windows xp sa isang partition sa harddisk, going to install delphi and mysql, would try to create a sales and inventory system and would try to get some clients. thinking of installing apache and php na ren, pero i think kailangan kong maghinay hinay. adobe flex, baka hindi kayanin ng pc ko 🙁

    sabi nga ng mga naging head ko dati sa work, hindi raw ako mukhang magaling na programmer, kc parang pacute lang raw ako, parang display sa IT department, that’s their first impression hahaha. i think i need to blog about it.

    pero pasti and iceah, pagdating sa design, and sa seo, palpak.

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