Toxic days are gone, for now…

Aug 24 marks the presentation to our client, and that’s what I was rushing on. I forgot to drink water at the office! I (and my officemates) ordered McDo and Jollibee and other fast food chain delivery because of the toxic project we’re working on. Each of us handles our own project. But the one got the most toxic moments is me. My officemates says “naaawa kami syo”. On my mind “Ako ren eh, naaawa sa sarili ko.” On all problems I encounter on like, I think this is the 2nd situation na naawa ako sa sarili ko.

The program I was rushing on, luckily I don’t need to have a major change after the presentation. The client’s feedback is ok. But there would be some changes. I love how I did the program with the “populating data to an existing MS Excel” tools for government deduction and loans contribution thing. Until now, I am learning new things. And when I did succeed on doing the task that I thought I can’t, I felt so light, so happy, and I wanna do the “Chicken Dance”!!!

But seriously, even if I love my job, I am beginning to hate it because this time, it’s too toxic! I’m not in a corporate company getting enough salary based on my job. I got no bonus, incentives, allowance. Nothing.

Why am I still blogging, writing this post, when I should be sleeping? I love blogging =) And the toxic days are gone for now. I hope it’s going to be forever… in my dreams!!!

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