Why does this Wonder Meimi blog exist?

So, why do I blog? What’s the history of this blog? In other words, why does this blog exist?

I got a main blog. It was a private blog then. After some years, it became a public one. At first, I didn’t share the blog to friends, family and relatives. I earned online friends that made me love blogging more. But later on when I got a baby, I posted pictures of my baby there and I forward the URL of the blog posts to them. And now, I can’t post controversial topics on that blog. I can’t rant and shout and tell the world about my work. My boss knows my blog. A big client even discovered my blog on Google Search!

I felt lonely of not being able to post controversial topics and share them on my blog. I got a lot to post. But I can’t! It was a plan even before to create another blog like my main blog. But I won’t be able to link this blog to that blog and vice-versa. I can’t even use my nick because my boss knows that nick. But to my online friends, feel at home at this new blog. Meimi is an old nick of mine.

The only sad thing is, I won’t be able to post my baby’s pictures and videos here. Just refer to my original main blog.

2 thoughts on “Why does this Wonder Meimi blog exist?”

  1. Hindi ko na babanggitin kung anung company yun, kc pag nisesearch sila sa internet, laging nakikita ang blog ko na yun. Right now, I’m on number 7 out of about 1,060 results on Google. So medyo nag-iingat ako.

    The client was the one who discovered my blog sa google, year 2006. he was impressed and happy. Kasi sabi ko masarap food na nihanda nila sa inaguration nila. And the post seems to reveal na I’m happy doing their program.

    Mga boss ko naman, ang unang tanong nila sa akin was, ano meaning ng blog. Nacurious sila sa blog ko.

    Lalong nacurious yung isa sa boss ko, and her wife, on how i earn online. gusto nila gayahin, kaso nung nalaman nilang kailangan sumali sa ppp and ss, ayaw nila. akala nila, magpopost lang sila ng loui vitton related post (kc yung wife mahilig sa sosyal na bags) eh icocontact na raw sila nung loui vitton then babayaran na sila for every post!!!

    so yung mga super sensitive, dito na lang. hehehe

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