I’m so stressed!!!

I’m getting those rashes on my cheeks.

This is my stress level:
rashes on arms – normal (stressed by still okay, that’s my life)
rashes on cheeks – too stressed (alarming)

I am stressed because of so many reasons. I learned to hate my work. I don’t know when would I love my work again. I hate how my husband treats me. He is lucky his parents live with us, or I won’t be able to take the pressure regarding his attitude. I know I am so lucky on my life. I can feel that I have luck on career and money, even though I’m not just too lucky like others.

I hope my husband would learn how to treat me as a wife, regarding decision-making at home. I hope my employer would realize how important I am on their company. Wouldn’t I be an important employee if I am the only programmer they got among their employees? Well, they got two regular employees.

I need to pamper myself. I just gave a little pampering yesterday. For more than 12 months, I had never enjoyed dining out alone. My dinner cost 158 Pesos on Tropical Hut. I pigged out on their rice with 1 pc. burger steak and 3 pcs. lumpiang shanghai, 1 large Mug Rootbeer softdrinks, 1 fruit salad and 1 regular french fries.

I was really in a bad mood yesterday morning. But after the dinner, I went home smiling :p

2 thoughts on “I’m so stressed!!!”

  1. Hi Berry,

    Glad to hear that you were able to pamper yourself and get some alone-time. Sad nga if your husband does not treat you as an equal. Mahirap yung kayod ka nang kayod para kumita pero wala ka naman palang voice/respect pag uwi mo sa bahay.

    Are you able to talk to your husband about this? Sana naman nakakaintindi siya pag kinausap mo.

    .-= Popcorn´s last blog ..Leak =-.

  2. Haha thanks! Talagang lumamon ako. Nakatingin nga yung isang family na isang table sa orders ko. Sana hindi ako tumaba dun sa mga pinagkakakain ko. Pero di bale, may slimming coffee naman :p

    Lately, parang medyo naging malambing ng konti ang hubby ko sa akin, pero baboy pa ren ang tawag nya sa akin. Sweet ata sya pag baboy ang tawag nya sa akin. Nandun pa siguro sa kanya yung the more na pangit, the more na mahal… yung culture ng true chinese hahaha

    ah naalala ko na! kasi hindi ko na sya pinapansin, and napansin nya yun! ako lagi kumakalabit, pero tinutulak nya ako. ang sa akin eh, kung ayaw eh di wag hahaha kahit nasasaktan ako, tiis ko nalang, and eventually nasanay akong pag uwe ko eh baby ko na lang nilalambing ko, then pag tulog na baby, magcocomputer na ako, blog, paid to click, paid to review (yung blog post), and facebook games!!!

    nanibago ata sya sa akin hahaha… that’s the way it is.

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