Stressful days are over, for now…

This week I’m kind of relieved, and lifted a little, but not for long. The project I am handling is now for user testing stage. A new project is to come. Actually, it’s not really new. The new thing is the contract. There would be a revamp on the previous project that I have done.

Just please, I hope that schedule with overtime that I would prepare would not be again tagged as “ang tagal”. For one, the schedules that I prepare is somewhat no standing, no drinking, no snack, lunch for 5 to 8 minutes, no talking, etc! But dahil matakaw ako, nandun pa ren yung eating.

I had relate this to one of my boss, the no standing, no talking (medyo hahaha) and the etc. Ah before I forgot, I also told my boss that I need to open my computer, plus the thinking, plus the opening of the programming language tool, database tool, etc… that it’s not one click and it’s done. I got to wait for those to open before I can start doing my job.

Plus that shitty phone!!! It rang so frequently disturbing my concentration! I told that too to my boss. Yes, shitty phone. All the foul words are running on my mind when the phone rang during those super toxic days. I had even plurked (a new verb?) it. Just a simple plurk message “shitty phone” (not sure if I spelled it shitty or shittie, and don’t know if it’s the right word, and if that word exists. Right or wrong, what I want to shout out loud is “t@ng-in@ng phone yan, t@ng-in@@@@@@@!!!” But it’s a success, the next time the phone rang, my other boss answered the phone immediately. All succeeding (and even previous) calls were for him. It’s always for him.

Just imagine, you prepared a schedule for the project. It’s called a schedule. Why the heck would I count extra time to be added on that schedule? I’m not even told to do overtime work! But I did just to cover the time that should be covered caused by other projects. And HE would say that the schedule is to long! Then yun nga, iiklian pa ang schedule ko. Then the phone would ring non-stop? Then ako pa ren ang dapat sumagot ng phone??? Tapos panay personal calls! Sinabi ko ren yan sa isa kong boss. And I told him that I plurked it. I explained that hindi sa lumalaki ang ulo ko, but any programmer, with that kind of sched, then in that kind of position, sasabog talaga. Bat ayaw sagutin nung isang boss yung phone eh alam naman nyang kanya, nakatunganga lang sya.

I think the “shitty phone” plurk of mine really works. Kasi minsan, kung hindi sya busy, and he knows that I’m busy, he answers the phone hahaha. Eh may hand held naman na extension, dapat lang!


Sorry eto maglalabas na ako ng sama ng loob ko, again and again and again. Kanina pa pala ako naglalabas ng sama ng loob. For those who doesn’t want to read rants. Please skip hahaha! Kailangan ko lang ilabas ito sa blog ko….. GAME!

Ayaw kong magmayabang. I can’t even compare myself to other programmers kasi wala ako masyadong nakakasamang programmers. Pero lahat ng programmers na kinaiinisan kong makawork, it’s either they were treated as higher position than me, pero mga bobo naman sa programming, lalaki lang sila, pero bobo talaga sila. Sila ren yung either kasing salary ko or medyo mas mataas lang ng konti sa akin ang salary.

Pero yung mga kasundo ko, yung mga nakawork ko na matino, yung mga nakawork ko na nagkakasundo kami and yung kalevel ko ang knowledge, ang salary nila is almost double, somewhat double, double, or higher than my salary.

What I want to point out is, since they know na mahirap maghanap ng programmer na marunong magprogram, mag analyze, mag voice out, magcreate ng database, hindi kaya dapat, naisip NYA na baka hindi na sila makatagpo ng gaya ko? Marami palang gaya ko. The question is, meron kayang magtagal sa kanila ng gaya ko with that salary, and with the lies?

Pero alam nila yun. Nagresign na ren yung new programmer na hindi pa regular. Personal reason. Pero siguro kung tama ang treatment and kung ok ang salary, siguro hindi sya magreresign. Siguro hahanap at hahanap sya ng way para hindi sya magresign. Pero worth namang magresign sya. It’s not worth to stay in the company regarding sa personal problem nya.

Hindi na ako magbloblog na naghahanap company namin ng delphi programmer!!! Ayaw kong sa akin galing ang makukuha nilang programmer. Sila na bahala maghanap. Magbayad na lang sila ulit para makahanap ng wala!

Hayyyyy buhay nga naman. Pero ok lang, buti na lang may blog, labasan ng sama ng loob. And buti na lang may paraan upang kumita online. Hayyy nako oo nga pala, meron pang issue regarding sa work ko and sa pag extra ko sa online money. Next blog na lang, masyado na mahaba itong post ko.

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