“Are you happy with your work?”

I hate people asking me if I’m happy on my work because people can’t seem to get satisfied with my answer. My answer is always “I’m okay with my work.” What people want to hear is “I am very happy.”, or “I am not happy with my current work.” I also hate the motto of some people that on work, the best benefit is the knowledge that we gain for it. The motto is just for those who needs money, but won’t die or won’t get hungry without work for about 6 months or more. I work for money. I do overtime work and extra jobs when I’m new in working to get more knowledge and experience. I don’t get enough salary and I don’t get overtime pay for those. I am thinking for the long term. I am planning of getting bigger salary than the others. I am planning of getting more monetary perks than my co-employees of the same field. I am planning of becoming a regular employee even on the first day of the job. Well all of those happen, until I get married and tried a company with promises of giving me really good salary and perks. Until now, the salary and perks are still “on the plan”.

I wonder, what would happen next year. I am excited for the opening of the LRT-MRT connection train. That means I would be able to look for other work. I mean, I am married with a kid. I now look for convenience. I don’t know how can I explain it, but I got lots of things to do.

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