Update on the “Financial Crisis” post…

I was absent from work last October 19, 2009. Why? That “financial crisis” night was a horror!

Yes, I said that I would update that post….

I’m also absent from work today. – on next post
ang pao (red envelope)… on next next post
food and others sent to China (sometimes)… on next next next post

I guess I would just put everything here.

I’m so stressed that night, and the next morning, my husband and I had a little fight that became big. I hate it when my husband just ignores what I say. Yeah, I’m kind of “bungangera”. Paano ba naman, he’s not listening, or just ignoring, or doesn’t like to hear and talk about it because of pressure, etc….. He would just answer, a answer of a joker, with no sense. I would ask if he got some earnings for the month. He would answer 5 Pesos, or 1M! Or he would say 13k. Then the next month, he would again answer 13k. Yun pala, yung 13k last month, eh wala pa sa kamay nya. Sa next month pa nya makuha. So when you total all the earnings for 2 months, according to him, it’s 26k. But the real amount is 13k. The amount above are for sample purposes only. Naks hahaha!

Then the angpao. 30k na lang sa bank account, and kailangan pang magbigay ng ang paoooooooooo. Tang inang buhay naman ito! Luckily, my husband didn’t attend one of the parties so he save some. 3 angpao ata dapat lahat yun, 2 na lang yung niprepare nya. Each angpao is worth 2.5k or 2k. Bad trip!

Then right now, they also donated on the association under the name of my father-in-law. 5k from us, and then 5k from my bro-in-law. Hay nako!!!

And those packages they prepare to be sent to China! Haayyys. Sandals worthing 120php is so cheap. But buying 10 pairs of those is another thing. Hay nako talaga.

So, ganun ako katanga. Nagtatanga-tangahan lang pala.

I’m still cool. I’m so cool. Mahilig lang talaga ako magmura kahit sa blogs ko. Sorry.

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