Possible Reasons:
1. From coughing because of that “Mojacko Chicharon”. Yes, the name of the Chicharon is “Mojacko” with “Mojacko” anime character printed on the plastic pouch.
2. Coughing and that makes me immune to more available bacteria around. After drinking filtered water from the office, I slowly felt different. I didn’t noticed the water to have algae/molds/i don’t know what it is. I drank a few water and some pieces of those.
3. Taking a bath on the 2nd floor at home, then stopping by at the 3rd floor until baby Ivan finishes his breakfast, before I would be able to go up to the 4th floor and prepare. I am still wet with no towels to keep me dry when I’m on the 3rd floor. The wind from outside and from the electric fan makes me chill. Plus, I’m coughing.

Right now, I’m at the office, still taking medicines.

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