Vacation Leave or Resign?

My mother-in-law is going back to China for more than a month. My husband would also be going with her but just for a week. There are no confirmed dates of when they would go and come back. They’ll be visiting China because my sister-in-law (at last!) would be bearing a baby. Maybe July or August they said…

Our maid would leave us because his father had a health problem. She’ll be going back to their home with her older sister to take good care of their father.

That’s the plan.

But what about me, what about my baby Ivan!

One of my boss said that I can’t have a 1 month vacation leave, that it’s too long, that it’s unappropriate, that I have to do something about it, that it’s my work that we’re talking about. I told them that it’s going to be a month leave. I thought my mother-in-law would be gone for only a month. It’s just recent that I found out she’ll stay at China for more than a month!

How about my work? Actually, I only care for my baby, nothing more. I work to have money, not to earn knowledge. The gaining more knowledge comes in combination with having a job, right? But one can work with no salary, well if one wants too. I’m sorry, my mind as a programmer is working again. But I think it’s pretty logical.

So, still, I haven’t told my two boss about the more than 1 month leave of my mother-in-law. At least I told them the possibility of me applying for a vacation leave.

If ever that they wouldn’t allow me to have a vacation leave according to the days my mother-in-law would be in China, then I might apply for a resignation. Or it can be an indefinite leave, something like I would leave the company and would come back when everything is back to normal.

If anyone is suggesting for me to work at home, it’s impossible. My job is programming, and sometimes I would need to call or take calls from clients. How on earth would I do those if I have a baby to take care of. I also got a really bad dead line schedules. toxic really!

But definitely, I won’t leave blogging and my online shop. Those two are the extra money making wherein I own my time and can do those whenever I have time to check them.

10 thoughts on “Vacation Leave or Resign?”

  1. yups problema talaga… and kakagaling ko lang sa sakit! dahil sa work, naover work

    sabi ko sa sarili ko, ayaw ko na, pagod na ako, sabi ko sa husband ko, gusto ko na magresign

    pero now na nahimasmasan nanaman ako, ok nanaman ako ahahahaha

  2. Kung ganon wag ka lang mag de decide pag pagod at stressed ka. I never thought I’d say this ah, pero being a stay-at-home mom does have its rewards, masaya rin pala. Gusto ko ulit bumalik sa work eventually, pero now that I’m a full time mom taking care of my baby ? maraming mga moments akong na e experience that I would’ve missed otherwise.

    Baka mag benefit ka from a vacation, dapat namna payagan ka nitong boss mo. Wala ba sa usapan nyo yung vacation leave per year ? or problema lang to kasi matagal ?
    .-= Popcorn´s last blog ..On Demand Routine =-.

  3. hmmm nagresign na ako hahaha, but not because of above reason.

    regarding muna sa reason above, i don’t have leave benefits, it’s like i can absent anytime, then if i need a leave, then i need to tell them earlier, example if i need a 1 week leave, i got to tell them maybe a month earlier hahaha, yan ang pakiramdam ko ah

    resign ako kc naover work ako, explain ko sa next post ko hehe

    pero baka 3 months pa ako sa company kasi i need to finish the projects

  4. hi friend! totoo ba tong nabasa ko???? ikaw n pinakamamahal ang opisina (hehehe…exaggerating lng po!) e nagresign?? prang nde ako mkpniwala a! i hope all things will work out fine with you..personal, family and career with your decision.

    kwentuhan tyo minsan! miss you guys!

  5. aawww…. 🙁 nagalit ba cla sa yo? or family issue because of your resignation? i just pray everthing will turn out fine.


  6. pagod na dahil sabay sabay deadlines. then dati pa ako nagtitimpi sa company. now, nafeel ko na hindi ko na kaya dahil over na alaga yun deadline, and sabay sabay. employee lang naman ako, wala naman ako mapapala sa kanila, kahit sabihin nila na pag umangat yung company, eh kasama ako. no such thing.

  7. hay true…nde naman tayo stockholder ng company for them to say such thing. and there is also no reason for them to be bitter with you kc sobra sobra ka pa nga kung magwork. ok lang un. ganun talaga.

    hopefully ok din ke husband and in-laws mo ung decision mo to resign.

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