Baby’s Last Vaccination: To vaccine or Not

I already heard deaths of babies after combined vaccines, about 4 babies! My cousin’s baby almost died but got lucky when they rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night. The baby turned into bluish violet in color. Other babies who died also became that color before they died.

I asked a doctor, well-known one, that have an immunization center… well he and other doctors said that maybe the injection needle is not clean. Then why the hell did all those baby suffered after combined injection?

My baby also had combined injections, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1. I was very hesitant when the pediatrician told me that it’s a combined injection. But I gave in when I thought that she has vaccinated a lot of babies and kids, and that all are safe and alive. My baby got fever after the combined injections. I am lucky. We were lucky.

Now, there’s only one vaccine left, the varicella vaccine, known as vaccine for chicken pox.

I am a couch potato sometimes even for my baby. But it actually depends. For vaccines, I don’t mind delaying the schedule for his vaccination. And that’s my mother’s advice too. The baby is so delicate. Why rush the vaccination.

As of my knowledge, a vaccine have the virus/bacteria/disease (what ever it is called) in a form that it is not harmful. The vaccine is going to prepare the body of the baby from the real thing.

But the baby is so delicate. It’s a simple analysis. We don’t want our babies to eat their dirty hands, even a little dirt, even a tiny winy dirt. But tiny winy virus/bacteria/disease to be injected directly to out baby’s body is okay???

Before combined vaccinations on my baby, there’s the single injections. And before the schedule of the vaccinations, I was thinking if I would really get my baby vaccinated. I am aware that my baby might get fever or constipation.

Okay, the real part of this post. My husband’s relative Get Tan had forward to me an article about Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield. I hadn’t read the article yet. But I am reading the transcript of the interview to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Still on half way, but I am learning a lot, and really nodding my head to what Dr. Andrew Wakefield is saying.

He’s point is, he supports single vaccines, but wouldn’t support MMR vaccine (hmmm maybe all other combined vaccines I don’t know). MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella (also called German measles).

It’s the last vaccination, should we go to the pediatrician?

2 thoughts on “Baby’s Last Vaccination: To vaccine or Not”

  1. Ultimately, it’s really the parents’ decision if you want your child to get vaccinated or not. My pediatrician supports vaccinations and encourage their patients to switch doctors if you aren’t pro-vaccinations.

    Personally, I would say that if the vaccinations were for diseases that were deadly – say, H1N1 (medyo controversial to, diba ?) – the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the potential risks kasi kids & pregnant ladies die from H1N1.

    Kunwari naman we’re talking about chicken pox, di naman yata deadly for kids yun, more on hassle lang kasi makati & pwedeng magka scar yung baby pero hindi siya deadly for kids. If, say, you’re a woman of child-bearing age naman, edi mag pa vaccinate ka kasi if you get chicken pox while pregnant, that’s bad for the baby.

    Anyway, I hope hindi confusing yung sinabi ko. Basta bottom line for me is that you should weigh the benefits vs the risks and base your decision on that 🙂
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  2. it’s more of a “side effect sa bata”. you know what, I should be posting something, about this post and another post sa blog ko na pink (alam mo na yung blog na yun). but we have clients that offers that kind to pasyente. sorry limited ang mga pinagsasasabi kong words sa comment, ayaw kong lumitaw ito sa search engine gaya ng blog kong yun na buking na sa mga duktor na clients. it would be bad for them to know that I post such thing.

    so ayun, medyo takot ako, eto may sakit na ako kakaisip ng maraming bagay, kasama na yang chicken pox vaccine sa baby ko.

    teka, di ba ang chicken pox once lang yun sa buhay ng tao? hmmm dito sa pinas, pagkaalam ko, mga nagpapaflu vaccine, mga nagpapavaccine when pregnant, is yung mga mayayaman, unlike sa US, I think ah, because of the price, and hindi kasi inooffer ang vaccine sa pregnant women. kusa ka pupunta, like sa client namin na health related, sosing clinic, so meron silang ganung package. the clinic is not for the middle class.

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