I Should Be Thankful, Really?

There are people, employees from other companies (or client to be exact) that are saying that they are too busy, that they stay so late and even stayed up to morning the next day. Whenever I see them during their working hours, they just seem to chit chat with each other (sometimes work-related, sometimes not). They say that they are so tire with their work.

The company they are working have promising work benefits. I think to work in a company which will yearly increase your salary to 10% is a good company. The employee that had complaints about her work is an IT supervisor with a last salary of 54,000php per month. She has no late deduction, has lots of vacation leave that doesn’t refresh when not used for the next year. She got no OT pay, but she got OT allowance and night differential allowance.

I’m handling their payroll system, that’s why my boss and I have access to their salaries. My employers told me that I am so lucky that I am working in their company. With even a 25,000 php per month, I don’t have to stay up to the morning, and I don’t have the work like that of the client’s IT supervisor. The girl resigned from her work because of that situation.

I was like… why the hell are you comparing me to her. I didn’t told them that I am willing to stay at the office overnight or up to the next day when needed, but with the same salary, and with the same rules that my salary would increase every year.

They even told me that I don’t have to work so hard here. Anak ng! Tang-ina naman yan pucha talaga. I am working very very hard for them. And they would tell me that I’m don’t need to work hard here? Eh mga gago pala sila eh. They have tried 3 new programmer to be part of the company. The first one, I hate him so much and they hate him too. The 2nd, he’s not meant to be a programmer, or he can be a programmer but needs a lot of trainings first, but he’s not for this kind of company. The 3rd one, she resigned with some problems with the company and some personal reason too.

Gusto ko talagang magmura sa harap nila. Tumatahimik na lang ako!

Tang-ina talaga! Eh ako lang nag-iisang programmer, ako pa yung dapat magpasalamat. And kung wala raw yung company, paano na raw ako. Kung hindi ba naman sya gago… tang-ina, kung wala ang company eh di sa iba ako nagwowork. Kung wala yung company, eh di yung boss kong Pinoy nagwowork ren sa iba. Eh sya, ni hindi sya makahanap ng matinong trabaho kahit na maganda course and grad ng magandang school. Business? ano bubusiness nya, sa IT? Pag wala yung company, aasa na lang sya sa asawa nya.

Ang yabang talaga! Gago talaga. Di ko alam paano ako nakatiis sa company na ito. Anyway, resign na ako. Nagising sa katotohanan, and my parents are so proud of me hahaha

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