I Found Peace Of Mind

My last day of work was on May 31, 2010. That was Monday. But I had decided to go to work last Tuesday to finish something. And this week or next week, I would be going to a client.

I wonder, do my employers know how much I love my work? I love my work so much. I hate my work because of the management. The management is composed of 2 people which are my 2 employers.

Yesterday, I had a chat with my Filipino boss. I told them some of my problems. Then he told me that I also had some problems that maybe I didn’t know. He told me that I got a problem with my time. I cried in front of my PC! I told him that the agreement was I am allowed to be late and absent. I told him that everything (the rules) started to change when the company is becoming better, when we moved on to the Chinese boss’ house. Almost everything went wrong. I also told him that I love my work. I also told him that I was crying while we’re chatting.

My Filipino boss wish that I would treat him as a friend again, not as the company. Because everything he said, I oppose as if I treat him like the lying company. I told him that maybe it would took many months before I would treat him like a friend.

Yesterday, and today, I felt more peaceful in life. At last, I got a vacation. Although there are some things to worry like me being jobless, as of now I am happy with my decision.

Currently, I’m not generating online money for withdrawal. I have a plan and my goal on the site I joined in: to get $100 every month from that site. Then after I reach my goal, I would set my goal to $200 every month, until it becomes $400 per month =) That’s the plan for now. I hope everything would go fine.

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