Should I Entertain Job Interviews?

Before the day I became officially “JOBLESS”, I updated my resume in Jobstreet and Jobsdb. The next day after the resume update, there are three job interview offers. I am 100% sure that I am an ideal employee for the first company. They had been calling every year. I think they call about 3 times per year on my mobile phone. If it’s not the company itself that call, it’s an human resource company asking me for a job interview with the company. I turned them down and said that I’m not ready yet. The problem is, I think the salary they’ll offer is not that good. For what I can offer for the company, based on the programming language they are using, I am a very good candidate. I am asking for a balance salary. I’m not like other programmers who doesn’t know anything and would ask for a 25 to 30 thousand Pesos starting salary. But I believe I deserve a higher salary than 30 thousand Pesos per month. I can compete with those who are getting 60 thousand and above. But I’m not asking for that kind of high salary. I don’t have any corporate company experience. I know it does matter.

So, if I can compete with other programmers getting a very high salary, what am I doing in a company that gives me a 20 thousand per month + 5 thousand allowance per month?  It’s here at

The 2nd company, I turned them down too after I’m set for an exam.  My husband told me to just wait for July to see if “the plan” would work.  If “the plan” wouldn’t work, then I go look for a job.

The 3rd company, I just had a phone interview with them last Friday.  It’s a simple technical interview.  The interview goes well and deep inside, I’m hoping that I would pass the 1st step.  I want to know how much they can offer for the position.  I’m hoping for a big salary.  If it’s a big salary based on my previous salaries, I would accept it.  Although I see a lot of people complaining about the salary they got with the company, it’s 100% or even 200% or even more better than the last company I had worked in.

Everything is still a big mess.  A BIG MESS! Should I just concentrate on taking care of my baby and make money online?  Wait, I think I had wrote this idea in this blog or in the other blog.  I’m computing $400.00 x __ peso conversion __ = __ amount __ Pesos per month.   I think it’s a good target without doing much!  Although I need to risk money online, it’s absolutely okay to me because the money to risk is also from online jobs.

I am not looking for a new job yet.

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