Why Is My Salary 25 Thousand Pesos?

There are lots of friends, and my mom too, asking why is my salary only 25 thousand Pesos after so many years of experience in programming?  Here’s the answer:

My salary is in fact only 20 thousand Pesos per month.  And that’s flat 20, no tax, no SSS and other government benefits, no health cards, no late and absent deduction, no OT pay, no transportation and food allowance when going to clients, no bonus… But I got a 5 thousand Pesos allowance monthly because of a project I maintain.  My 13th month pay is computed based on 20,000.00 Pesos.  I got no Christmas bonus.  Let’s just stick to my salary as 25,000.00 Pesos monthly.

When my husband and I decided to get marry, we need to prepare everything.  We didn’t hire a wedding planner.  I need to prepare his papers.  He is in fact a Chinese citizen but a residence of the Philippines.  We got a problem with the Caloocan City Marriage Department regarding releasing of the marriage contract.  Although he’s a Philippine resident, what bothers the personnel-in-change of the department is his name.  He’s name is in Chinese.  Even his parent’s name is in Chinese too.  There should be a problem but…

So, I need some days to fix things for the wedding, and I won’t be able to do that if I am employed in a company where in work is rush.  My work won’t permit me to have some days off.  I even lack time for the work.  Before I would be announce as a regular employee, I told them that I better resign.  I told them my reason.

I resigned to be able to prepare the wedding and to join a new company put up by two friends.  I got a small starting salary of 12,500 (or 11,500) Pesos per month (if my memory serves me right).  I end up in 20,000.00 Pesos after a year.  Then the 5 thousand Pesos is added to my monthly salary as an allowance.

With the company, I am allowed to be late and absent when I needed to.  And it’s near our house.  What more can I ask if I want a job with that kind of rules and with a work-life balance.

This is until we transferred to a new location that is nearer to our house.  We transferred to one of boss’ house.  I got a free lunch this time.  It was said that the free lunch is specially for me only, as a perk.  But it turns out that the free lunch is given to me so I can get back to my work as early as I can.  It comes out from my boss’ mouth.  Although he’ll never tell it to the other boss his reason about the free lunch, he also plans to give the other employee a free lunch with the same reason.

Slowly, my work became too toxic.  I don’t get a work-life balance anymore.  I still go on with the company.  For three years, I didn’t got any increase.  I was stuck with a 25,000.00 Pesos salary.  And as what they plan for me, because there are to many work to handle, I would soon be just maintaining projects and won’t handle new ones anymore.

So with that future set-up I would be forever be stuck with the 25 thousand.  And since the 5 thousand is only an allowance, I even think they’ll lift that allowance and I would get a 20,000.00 Pesos per month forever from them.

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