I still have after shock on my last work!

I say sorry for either one of the following reasons:

– when I’m really sorry

– when I know you won’t understand and you’re stupid, social-climber or just plain dumb, wherein it’s not my fault but I would say I’m sorry

– to make you shut up

I still have some after shock on my last work. It’s the only company I had worked with that has a lot to learn more about how to talk “wisely” with their employee and client.

I always say sorry to them. Sorry sorry sorry. Why? It’s the 2nd and 3rd reason mentioned above.

And I can’t forget the question asked to me: Which is more important, your family or your career?

That question, for me, is like telling me that my life should be sacrifice for the benefit of the company. I’m a programmer not Christ!

How can you recover quickly when you sacrifice your all (almost) to a company and still look down on you.

The company can’t officially close down because they are handling programs of the Chinese boss’ big relatives. How about his reputation? But if you look at it, the company does closed down. I’m too good to resign only when I found out that they are doing good on the new IT company.

Good luck to them. I’m found peace at home.

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