My Mother-In-Law Is Coming Back

My mother-in-law is coming back.  Should I look for a job?

Right now, I and two of my sisters are thinking of a business that can help us get some extra money.   As of now, I’m the one researching on the stuff because my two sisters are busy with their work.  I’m busy with my baby and blogging.  But if I want to pursue on this business, I should do the research.  It’s the only way we can try it out.

My mother-in-law also knows about it.  And she’s hoping my sisters and I can start the business.  I don’t want to tell her yet about it.  I’m still on the research.  My husband got excited hahaha but that’s okay with me.

If she’ll be staying here for long and for good, then I can manage the business.  It would be only the start of our money making.

I’m still waiting for some products and CDs from my husband’s friend.  That’s another business that would turn out good if the Philippine consumer would consider its price.  I hope.

Although I still remember and I know that I can still be a good programmer, I am not hoping to go back to a job wherein I can’t manage my online shop, can’t help and prepare for the business, and can’t attend on my son.

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