My MUs

MU = Mutual Understanding.  A love between two people, with no said words about love, no official love relationships between the two people.

I think I had been involved in four MUs in the past.  If I am smart enough like now, I would tell straight and ask the guy if he loves me.  I think I had once asked a guy if he loves me.  He said that he’s love to me is only friendship.  But I later found out that he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

Why am I posting such topic on my blog at this very moment?  I also don’t know why.  It just pop out from my mind.

Some of my MUs, I really love them so much.  I cried hard when it didn’t become “us”.  There are times that it’s my fault.  But I’m so innocent and I don’t know what to do.  But it’s the guys’ fault too.

I am sometimes searching on Facebook… a guy whom I met, who always helps me with my computer stuff.  He’s a handy man.  He’s older than me 4 to 8 years of age, I forgot hahaha… But after several tries of searching, I failed.  Until now, I still try to search for him.

I guess you won’t really forget someone you had loved before.  While searching, I felt excited.  And after realizing that he’s not (or maybe is not using his name on the Internet) I felt so lonely.

Wait, I have a husband, and a baby!  I think I’m just so excited to know how he’s doing.

To all  my friends who would ask who the guy is, you don’t know him =)  Of my four MUs, he’s the only one who is not my officemate.  But he’s my most loved one.  We had even dated twice.  But I think he later felt that I’m too young for him.  He’s so busy with his business too.

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