Anlene Concentrate

Why you should take Anlene Concentrate?

I am taking Anlene Concentrate everyday. Why I love Anlene Concentrate?

  • It has 4x the Calcium of a regular milk.  That means it supplies more Calcium.  And for a busy mommy on the go, and who can’t always eat healthy food, this is the chance to give my body more nutrients.
  • It’s so yummy, both the vanilla and the chocolate flavor.
  • It’s in a cute milk tetra pack!  I know this shouldn’t count as one of the reasons.  I just can’t help it!

If you don’t take vitamins like me (because you either forget and/or you are too busy, which are not a valid reason, but those are my reasons) drink Anlene Concentrate. You won’t forget to have your milk again because it’s so yummy!

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