At 32 and health issues…

I am already 32 years old.  Maybe I would just say…  I am still 32 years old.  Yes, I’m still alive, but not really active compare to other ladies in their 30’s.

I found myself sick whenever I’m having delays on my menstruation period.  To top it up, my period is always delayed!  I have an irregular menstruation period, and that’s normal to me.  But feeling sick and weak after 2 months of delay is new to me.

I started drinking Anlene Concentrate everyday.  I just can’t imagine myself after 10 years.  My son would just me on his early teens about 12 years old, and me in my 40’s.  I don’t what to be weak in my 40’s.  I got a son to take care.

I also felt having a hard time breathing after 2 days of sleeping so late or not sleeping at all, which is not so me.  I am used to not sleeping for a day or 2 and is still in perfect shape.  I used to sleep for just 2 to 3 hours a day for about 2 weeks and can still go on with my normal life.  I guess age does say what a person’s body can and can not do.  Or should I say… what a person’s body MUST and MUST NOT do.

I might start taking Nature’s Way C24/7.  But I would check on them first.  I would check if this particular supplement can help me on my problem.

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