I really should lose weight fast!

I want to lose weight fast!  I should!!!

It’s not an emergency or something.  But being fat is like a no-no for all the people around me.

My husband’s relatives are from China.  They are the Chinese from China who had been exposed to good life before they went here in the Philippines and started a new life.  All of them are really thin.  And even after giving birth, they still look so thin.  On the close circle, I am the only daughter-in-law that is a Chinese from the Philippines.  There’s another Chinese from the Philippines but he is a son-in-law.  And he’s not fat.  Every one sees me as the fat one.

And then my husband.  He always try to take a picture of me on his mobile phone or on the camera if it’s around.  And the photos is to make fun of me because he would take a shot on the angle that I really look very very very fat.  I was wondering, what did I do to have a husband like this?

Yesterday, I took some photos of myself with my son.  The photos turned out so great.  Although I was wearing house clothes (is this the right term?), you won’t see the clothes on the photos.  It was a spaghetti strap dress-like clothes.  But the photos only shows a little of my dress.  My husband erased all those photos on the camera!  And his reason is I am wearing “ugly clothes”.  My dress is not even visible in the photo!  I asked him what the h*ll he erased all those photos but try to take my picture whole body wearing house clothes, with a camera angle to show how fat I am.  And he didn’t erased those funny-looking photo of mine.

I really cried.  And my son tries to cool me down by making me laugh.

I would like to ask… ARE ALL HUSBAND LIKE THIS!!!  Or I should look for a friend buddy (a guy!)

I am starting to cry again.  FAILURE!!!

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