Indecent Proposals…

Have you been offered something that you had thought it might be a good trade but is so afraid of the consequences?  I was offered… indecent proposals… total of 4.  Every time I was offered, I was thinking, what’s with me?

I wonder if indecent proposals (s*xual) is normal.  I won’t talk much about the offers.  But some of the offers are great!  There is money and/or trips involved.  I was thinking before that it’s a good trade, that everybody is happy.

In the end, I didn’t accept any of those offers.  I am so afraid that it might affect my future.  I am talking about being seen in YouTube having a s*x scandal video!!!

So thank God I have not accepted the offers.  I was fighting myself, questioning myself, and telling myself why should I not accept the offer, and why I should think over it first before saying no.  But in the end, I say no.

We’re still friends, or online buddies.  We still chat if there are times that both of us are not too busy.   We exchange “hi” and “how’s life going” greetings.

Have you been offered an indecent proposal before?

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