Pool vs. Beach

Pool vs. Beach: Where you’d rather swim, in a pool or in a beach?

In a swimming pool, regardless of privacy, you can manage how much depth of water you’ll plunge into. Pools are marked how deep it is. Lifeguards (if there’s any) can watch you from nearby. Just make sure you don’t swim alone.

But there are some disadvantages on swimming in a pool compare to a beach:
– presence of chlorine in the water.
– water is not free flowing that makes dirt afloat in the surface, without seeing it.

But it’s much safer swimming in a pool compare to the beach. In the beach, you can’t control the waves, the stronger it gets, the harder you can swim. The salt water hurts the eyes too. Sometimes, in unfortunate events, jellyfishes may be present and would sting unaware swimmers. Worst would be tsunami and sharks!

The fun thing being in the beach is the sand, you can play with it. You can also put a bon fire in the shore, go jet skiing, boating around the island. There are lots of fun things to do on the beach that you can’t do on the swimming pool.

I personally won’t take my son to the beach. We had so much fun in the pool, even if I can’t swim. I was just standing on the pool floor, holding my son so he won’t drink pool water. Although the pool is a small one, I know that we’re much safer there.

Have you ever heard about a blogger who lose her son when they went to the beach. There are so many who questioned her as how it happened and what kind of mother she is. She said that she can’t be blame for what happen and she doesn’t know that it would happen. Such so unfortunate events are accidents, meaning the parents of the child didn’t know that he would die on that vacation. But the question is, where is the mother when the child was playing in the beach? I guess they had a nanny or a maid that had too much fun who had forget about the child. The mother is not of the poor family. They are rich.

No matter where you want to swim, it’s important that you won’t miss the fun and to enjoy it. And of course, be extra careful for unfortunate events can always take place without us knowing it.

If you have a child, just be contented on the pool, or if you want to bring your child to the beach, make sure that you as a parent be the one to look after and swim with your own child.

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