Team Building

What is team building?

If you work in a big company, specially call centers and BPOs, you would surely know and have experienced team building. Team building is a way improving team socialization of a person towards other people as a group. Team building can be in a form of contest, events, sports and even retreats and vacation.

Who can have fun with team building?

School students, teachers, companies, private and public organizations, family and friends… all can have fun with the different possible activities of team building. Team building makes people closer to other people who are not even familiar to them in the first place. That’s why big companies have such activity.
When is the best time to go on team building?

For me, the best time to spend it is during summer! Summer is the season when everybody looks forward to. After two months, rainy season comes next where fun activities are limited. So if it’s summer, grab your flip flops and summer dresses and head to the beautiful beaches with your family or friends. If there’s company event, then that would be fun. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

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