Mister Donut Celebration Treats (Donut Cake)

Each donut cake of Mister Donut is worth 45 Pesos.  When I saw these on a Mister Donut booth, I told myself that I would certainly buy 2, one for my son and one for our maid.  After two days, I was in a hurry and forgot that I was supposed to buy 2 cakes.  I bought only 1 Black Forest.

My toddler loves eating cakes.  But he dislikes the cake of Mister Donut.  I was wondering why.  I tried 1/4 of the cake.  After I tasted a spoon of it, I was shouting on my mind “What the hell is this!  It’s a donut!”  Well, it’s worth 45 Pesos only.  And after all, Mister Donut is a donut company, not a cake company.  My bad.

But what make me dislike the celebration treat of the donut company is the too much sweetness of the donut cake.  It’s really sweet, so sweet, too much sweet that I’m sure old people won’t have another bite of it!  I’m not an old person yet.  I like cakes, candies, ice cream, and anything a child wants.  But the donut cake of Mister Donut… it’s yuck for me.

I just hope it’s not too sweet.  It’s too too too sweet… major major sweet!

I won’t recommend this donut cake.  But to those who likes major major sweet food, then maybe you can try Mister Donut Celebration Treats donut cake.

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