Should your child get a cellular phone or not?

Cellular phones are widely used by every single person in the world to communicate. The question for you as a parent is whether to get your child a cellular phone or not.

We are living in a crazy world today. We’ll never know what might happen. Parents anticipate that certain circumstances may arise anytime. It might be beneficial to the child to have one in case he needed a help so he can call or text one of his/her contacts.

But there are some disadvantages of a child having a mobile phone. Aside from the load maintenance which is considered as additional cost, it’s a risk regarding theft wherein we as a parent don’t like our child to experience that on an early age. And the child might get to addicted with sending text messages and playing mobile games, instead of concentrating on his studies.

I personally would give my child a cellular phone. But would warn him about too much on test messaging and games. They are just kids. What do you think? =)

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