Cignal Cable

A friend told me about the Cignal Cable. I saw this cable company being advertised by one of the known show on the the TV entertainment.

What’s about Cignal Cable? Cignal Cable is kind of new in the television cable market here in the Philippines. My friend have a Cignal Cable connection at home. Well, the signal is not that clear though they’re living in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It has only a few channels. When the rain pours, the reception gets blurry and losts channel signal.

I was asking her if she likes Cignal Cable, and if she can advice me to try the cable company. She did advice me that, if I want to subscribe to a cable service, opt for the high-end and guaranteed ones like Sky Cable that will give you the best viewing and entertainment experience. We’re actually have Destiny Cable connection. It got lots of channels!!! We have Chinese-only viewers at home so we can’t opt for Sky Cable. Destiny has lots of Chinese channels.

This is her warning to me… Don’t waste money on something that is not worth paying for. We don’t want to be interrupted in watching our favorite show right? So don’t get Cignal Cable even if it’s being advertised by a big TV show host celebrity.

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