Mister Kabab

Uggggggggggh why am I stock with my shop, blogging, housewife, etc!!!

I love to eat shawarma! I’d been longing to eat one when I was pregnant. But people told me to hold myself because shawarma might not be good if it’s not clean. I might constipate (again). And I didn’t have time to go to a place selling shawarma too. The dilemma!!!

Anyway, Mister Kabab is a Persian Cuisine serving from sizzling lamb with beryani rice to sweet yogurt shakes and desserts. Yummy! Everything that I want!!! A friend of mine knows how much I love to eat shawarma. The last time she’d been there, she had the Shawarma Plate. The Shawarma Plate is the shawarma itself, minus the pita bread. She ordered a separate pita bread. It tastes good she said.

She also had a Yogurt shake and fruit yogurt as dessert. A lot of people are saying that Mister Kabab’s Yogurt shake tastes heavenly!!! The fruit yogurt which has sweet mango cubes in it tastes good. The yogurt tastes sour. It’s perfect to those looking for sour yet fruity dessert.

I would love to have a chit chat on Mister Kabab! I would order everything she had ordered before! I guess me and my friend had the same taste bud level.

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