On Happiness….

One I’m fond reading of are articles that can help me improve my attitude towards life. There’s this magazine that focus on happiness towards life. I’ve read it on Powerbooks SM Mega just a few hours ago. A psychologist of University of Califonia and some others had a research that enumerates…

8 steps towards a more satisfying life:

1. Count your blessings. (Something like writing it down or remembering good things happened and given to you.)

2. Practice acts of kindness. (I always do this and this is effective, and very temporary. Do this even to people you don’t know, like giving food to beggars and li’l children on the street. This will warm you up)

3. Savor life’s joys. (I also do this, a lot when i’m lonely!!! like eating food alone, just to be alone and have time to myself. Instead of killing myself, i’ll eat lots of food. Anyway, i don’t get extra fat when i’m so lonely so i don’t have to worry about it. Or I buy cute stuff that would make me happy. Temporary remedies.)

4. Thank a mentor. Thank people at the very time they help you according to the researchers.

5. Learn to forgive. (Ahhhhhh yes…. this is so true. But to forget, never!)

6. Invest time & energy in friends & family. (I’m having problem with this. And i guess this is one of the reasons that gives me a heartbreak :p Nothing to worry, refer to #5)
According to researchers, money and job title doesn’t help much unlike friends and family at your side.

7. Take care of your body. Sleep well, exercise… and don’t forget to smile. (I don’t sleep early, exercise… beginning to, smile…. depends hehehe)

8. Develop strategies for coping with stress and hardship. (hmmmm refer to #1 to #7 i guess)

These according to them are temporary solutions. One can only achieve true happiness if one will just accept life as “life” =)

“The secret of happiness is liking the life you have.”
– Prof. Raut Veenhoven, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

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