“A Break With Charity” by Ann Rinaldi

I should have not done reading Ann Rinaldi’s “A Break With Charity – A Story About The Salem Witch Trials” when I hadn’t have feelings of hardship and lost this day.

Truly this book is a classic and a really good sale for just 45 Pesos on Book Sale. The story is plain simple and amazing. I just got fancied on witch trials on Salem even before, curious of what had really happened. I know there’s a witch trial. But didn’t know what causes it. That’s why I bought this book. And I’ve learned the tale of that dark Puritan history. Most of the events are true. Even the people involved are factual. Of course there are some spices added to zest up the story. Good thing the author had explained and enumerated the factual and fictional on her book.

This book may not appeal to those who love readings on romance and fast-paced stories. I myself didn’t thought of reading the book from cover to cover!

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