A handy-dandy Red Lipstick

Late to bed, late to rise.
One morning, I need to rush for my appointment. I was already dressed up but I needed to maximize my little time to get my best look. What I did was I just put on my best foundation, then my favorite mascara, and lastly, my lip balm over my latest favorite red matte lipstick from REVLON. Voila! I still looked chick and ready to go. It is long lasting and really stains in your lips even after eating. I bought it for 450php in one of the leading department stores in the country.

I recently discovered that AVON also has red lipstick which has moisturizer in it that you don’t need to put on any lip balm over it. Look it up in their catalogue. It costs only less than 200php. It is also long lasting. I have tested it today. So girlie, if you want to get an instant look in a matter of seconds, make red lipstick your staple.

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