Dead Silence Movie Brings Back Scary Memories…

Dead Silence is a movie about a ventriloquest on revenge. Just seeing the trailer makes me remember one scary situation (for me).

My husband and I had went out to check-out the wedding album samples of his friend. We were that time looking for someone to cover our wedding. They have a small parlor on the 1st floor. On 2nd floor is their photo studio. My husband and his friend had gone upstairs. They’re like in a hurry leaving me behind. I was on their back but I’m no good on stairs so I was kind of “really left behind.” When I reached the 2nd floor, the two was not around.

It was creepy dark on the 2nd floor. The lights are switched off. There’s a little light coming from the window that’s enough to see the surroundings. When I looked around I saw about 2 to 4 mannequins in dresses. That is the scary part. I felt that the time stops. I could hear my heart beat in silence. I stopped breathing for a few seconds. I could not stop my eyes but to look on all the mannequins. There are more mannequins around! And I felt that the mannequins are looking at me too! It took some time before I was able to shout my husband’s name.

I felt that I’m all alone and it’s like there’s no place to go. It was the first time it happened to me.

I don’t like mannequins. When in malls, it’s okay because it isn’t dark there and there are people around. I’m not sure if this is because of a dream while I’m still a child. On the dream, there are mannequins chasing me. They are chasing me to kill me. There was one mannequin holding a knife on my dream.

Mannequins, big dolls and ventriloquest dummies placed in a dark and silent place chills me so much. In places that are not dark like in department stores, but when it’s near closing time and there’s no much people shopping, I feel something weird when near the mannequins with no people around.

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