Kid Singer on Mall

While walking inside the SM North Edsa mall, I heard someone singing “Bring Me To Life” of Evanescence. I was very intrigue and was eager to look on who’s singing on the karaoke (Magic Sing Karaoke). As I got closer, I kept on peeking because there are lot’s of people watching. And on my surprise, it’s just a small kid of about 8 to 10 years old. And so everyone kept looking at their sides telling to strangers that the kid has a singing voice. I heard lots of actress even singers (local) sang that song but it turns out that they are like drunken entertainers and lousy singers (even though they are really singers). I love the song so I hate it when they sing it like that. I’m not a good at singing but I’m not singing songs to make people’s eardrums shut dead. But the kid got the right note, the tone, the hit, the breathing – everything.

After that, the supervisor/host/staff/salesman (I don’t know who he is) of the Magic Sing asked if she could sing one more song. She’s really amazing. She entertains the crowd with “To Love You More” of Celine Dion. She sings it just like Sarah Geronimo did. She’s really a winner. After all, that song made Sarah Geronimo the “Star For A Night” winner. You would really thought that it’s Sarah Geronimo on that spot if you didn’t first see the kid there. Amazing!!! And the kid hadn’t joined any TV singing contest yet. I hope she will and I’m sure she’ll win.

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