Wedding Reception Mega-Disaster!!!

I remembered the day the worst wedding disaster I’ve attended, though I’ve never had attended a disastrous wedding reception, party, or whatsoever. I hope that day is the worst, the first and last horrifying event ever!

The wedding ceremony and reception is held on Pampanga. My husband, father-in-law, brother-in-law and I had decided to attend the wedding reception that should officially starts at 7:00pm. We came late because father-in-law and brother-in-laws needed to close the shop at around 5:00pm, and would arrive at home after more or less an hour.

At the reception, there are only six tables that are set outside the wedding reception hall. Almost all the people that are there are Chinese (from China). The only Filipinos are the bride and her parents. All of the Filipinos had already gone home. They came early because the bride’s relatives and friends are from the local place. As I’ve heard, the bride had taken 20 tables for her guests, and 6 tables for the groom. Hmmmmm 20 tables…. so many….. But the bride’s part had their buffet dinner. While we, of the groom’s side, had our normal Chinese-food-on-receptions type of meal (that is served by waiters/waitresses, one by one, and NO RICE.)

I’ve seen Chinese from China drinking Chivas and playing the jack-en-poy-like game. Whoever loses would drink one glass (or one shot, I didn’t notice because I don’t want to look. They might think I had a crush on them.)

Some of the food are served. Some of us are eating. Some are eating while drinking. And some, are just drinking. They hadn’t been able to eat because they are so drunk. One sitting with us falls down from his chair. Two guys helped him up. He’s trying to eat his noodles with his chopsticks but can hardly hold them. Then later, they decided to bring him to some other place (at the stairs I’ve heard. That’s the only place where other people can’t see him.)

After some minutes, one guy was puking!!! He is sitting right at the back of us! I can see him puke! Well, I don’t want to look. I just took my dinner. He puked a lot. Then he later decided to go home. He even took a meat from the serving dish at our center table before going leaving! Someone would ride him home.

One Chinese from China (about at the age of 50 to 60) said that young Chinese from China (age 30 and below) had no shame and that luckily, the Filipinos had gone home or they’ll think all of us are like that, drink until puking. The old guy is angry at the younger Chinese on the reception who are so drunk.

Later, the groom was drunk. Before he puked, three guys held him up and assisted him to the toilet. Poor bride. But she seems not affected. She’s still smiling.

I’ve just noticed. There was one guy who was always on the look-out for the “drunken masters”. He is a good-looking young man of age about 20 to 25. He just drank a little then he went back to our table. Maybe he knows what would happen.

I can see the waiters, waitresses and the guards are smiling and some are laughing. I’m laughing too, inside hahaha…

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