Which is more important: Family or Career?

Family is more important than career. Whoever says career is more important than family is a dumb-dumb!

One work because of money. If one would accept a work with no pay, it would be for the benefit of the needy. People work for money, to provide the best stuff they can give to their family. But if there would be situations wherein you would need to give up your career for the safety of your family (example is to take care of your baby), it is no doubt that you have to give up your career, unless you can get a nanny to take care of your baby. But for the worst situation that there would be no one available to take care of your baby, you should either…
1. give up your work because your better half can provide money for you and for your baby (or you yourself doesn’t need work to have money)
2. look for someone who can take good care of your baby because you need to go to work, because you need money

Option 1 and option 2 just points out that family is more important than career. After all, there’s nothing in this world that can replace a family. Even if it’s hard to look for a career, there are still opportunities out there, just undiscovered.

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