It feels like summer time is nearing once again. One of the topics today in the newspaper (Phil Inquirer dtd 13 July 2011) is about eJeepney. The City Government of Makati introduced the eJeepney Makati Green Routes on 10 November 2009 during a ceremony in front of the Makati City Fire Station. It has a 10-second dwell time per stop, which will reduce traffic jams. The eJeepney can comfortably seat 14 passengers, including the driver, and can be operated for about 65 kilometres after every full charge. It will save cities from pollution which is sometimes associated to climate change.
Studies have shown that every litre of diesel avoided results in a reduction of 3,140 grams of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and 16 grams of NOx (Nitrous Oxide) that are released to the atmosphere. At excessive levels, these harmful emissions could result in climate change that has been recently blamed for the typhoons and floods that devastated the country.

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