Energy Drink: Better sports performance or Life threatening

Don’t drink energy drink everyday. Or maybe, don’t drink energy drinks after all.

I did drink energy drinks regularly in some part of my life. When I was a student, I drink energy drink almost everyday. I drink Red Bull Energy Drink to make me awake and alive. I need to be up for the program I need to build. I was in third year college then. After two weeks of a bottle of Red Bull almost everyday, my urine becomes yellowish, and smells like medicine. I only have my urine that kind when I had taken too much medicine. But I was not sick. I only like to be awake the whole night everyday for the project. I stopped taking Red Bull.

When I was in 4th year college, I didn’t take Red Bull anymore. I just eat to make myself awake. Although I got a little fatter, at least I know that it’s safer that way.

Here’s something from a friend…..
“As my buddy and I enrolled in a gym, I asked her if we must bring with us energy drinks to keep us going while doing the routines. My buddy as a Registered Nurse is updated when it comes to matters pertaining to health. She said that she had a trauma or bad experience way back in college in energy drinks because it (Red Bull) caused her asthma and palpitations after drinking one. She began telling me that recently, someone died of drinking an energy drink. Some energy drinks contain as much caffeine as found in 14 cans of soda. Shocking right? So if you are thinking of drinking an energy drink, make sure to buy ones with the lowest content of caffeine or better not buy anymore. Safety first. “

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