Get FIT or get FAT?

Why lots of us are having a hard time getting fit? Maybe because Philippine people love eating.

We eat different kinds of food, eastern or western cuisine. We also are very dedicated in our professions that we forget or take for granted the essence of exercising.

I got a friend who goes to the office from 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon, every Mondays to Fridays. During weekends, she’s busy doing household chores and some other things.

She’s a yo-yo dieter and easily gets bigger when she binge even for a day. Genes and low metabolism are to blame. Ber-months are getting near, it’s a season of many celebrations.

One day, she read in her favorite magazine that a gym is offering an early bird promo for early those who enrolled early. Dancing class is her first choice because she loves to dance, and she never get tired her heart is on the beat. Dancing does really gets one fit. I had done dancing on gym classes, and it’s really effective.

Enrolling in gym classes, we have to be discipline on what to eat because we might get bigger instead of getting leaner. After gym classes, one shouldn’t take a snack or food. I think my friend can do that. I hadn’t controlled myself before, so I stopped going to the gym 🙂

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