The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: The Wonder Oil

Maybe a lot of you already have encountered an advertisement about tea tree oil in many lifestyle magazines or in Girl talk forums. Tea tree oil is popularly known as a defense or treatment against pimples and acne. Have I tested it? Nope. But a friend did. That’s why I believe that it is absolutely wonder oil. It just so happened that she had this pimple in her forehead for a few days past. I saw her pimple. She said she tried washing her face with a tea tree facial wash is not enough to remove it.

One day, her office mate brought with him his The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and proudly told her that it does miracles in his acne. He said that his acne subsided overnight after application and just applied continuously until gone. She asked for a drop and put on her pimple. When she got up the next morning morning, she said that she noticed the pimple has flattened and reduced its redness.

Wonderful isn’t it! I had no pimple, and doesn’t care much about pimple. But I guess my brother would need this. I would tell this one to my mother for my brother’s pimple treatment.

The next time I will go to the mall, I will definitely visit The Body Shop and will buy a bottle of it. Not bad for a 495Php price if it really does wonder!

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