A friend that is always cheated…

I have this girl friend (a.k.a GF) that had separated from her spouse due to marital misunderstandings, etc. When she cannot take it anymore, she decided to leave their house and left her daughter to her husband.

Despite of the fact that she was married and had a child, she still manages to look as good as if she’s still single. Many men wooed her. Some of her relationships were okay. Some didn’t.

I act as her personal diary. She almost told me everything that gone through her life. Me, as her confidant, just listened to her. One time, her batch mate in high school asked GF out, they became closer. This guy and his girlfriend had a 2-year old daughter. He said to my GF that he and his girlfriend are not together anymore and just supports their child financially. So he and GF got together. Months past, after accepting this guy’s imperfections, she still loved him and asked nothing but to text her once in a while just to remind her that he is there for her (GF).

Just recently, another storm came into GF’s life. She saw in Facebook that this guy is again IN A RELATIONSHIP with his girlfriend. She then confronted him if this was true. The guy admitted that they are getting along well with his ex. To make it short, GF failed again.

As a friend, I told her not to enter into a relationship for a moment, take a break and love herself first. It’s not necessarily men can make us happy. There a lot of things in life we can do without them. It’s good that she listened.

She knows I got into relationships that had almost the same situation as hers. And she had told me to use my mind. Although when we ourselves are on “the situation” itself, we don’t actually know what to do, and we’re usually dumb-like doing the wrong things.

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