Abduction Movie

Who can resist Taylor Lautner???

Why I decided to watch it? Primarily because it starred by Taylor Lautner, the heartthrob of Twilight Movie Series. Silly. Also because I have watched so many movies with this kind of story. But the title of the movie didn’t happen actually.

The story began as Steven Price (Taylor Lautner), a teen who found out that the people who raised him aren’t his real parents after stumbling across a childhood photo of him on a website devoted to missing children.  He should or shouldn’t be grateful to their teacher who gave him and his partner their project.  Well at least he knew the truth about his real parents.  After seeing the movie, I prefer that actual abduction happens as the story goes.  And it would be nice if he met his father face to face as they talked on the phone.  As Sandra Burns said, it’s for his own protection.  I rate it 8/10.

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