We won some on the raffle! (Super Late Post!)

On September 14, 2008 lunch time, we attended our association’s celebration for the Mooncake Festival.  There is a raffle.  We bought 6 raffle tickets each worth 200 Pesos.  So that’s 1,200 Pesos all in all.  Then luckily, two of our tickets were picked at the tiambolo.  We got 500 Pesos and the other one is 1,000 Pesos.  Yeheyyyyyyyy!!!

People might think we did “magic” because my husband is the one assisting on the tiambolo.  The one who won the first prize which is worth 10,000 Pesos is a rich guy.  So he said he would just donate the money to the association.

Tsk! We are aiming for the first prize.  But it was fun!  And it’s the first time that we bring our little Ivan to a party.   I was so happy when I saw my little son smiling and laughing with other people.

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