A Lust From A Married Woman’s Mind

What if an old fire comes and tell you, as a “friend”, to meet with him.  Would you go?  Or I mean, should I go?

I know I shouldn’t because he is an old fire and we’re both married.  I just don’t know if he’s still with his wife.  All I know is I should control myself, to not fall in the trap of getting into trouble.  What if somebody saw us.  My world is so small that when I’m into some “secret agenda”, someone always saw me.   My secret agenda is meeting up with friends without my parents knowing that they are all boys.

I am most afraid of getting caught.  Good thing I have no guts of being in a situation wherein I am caught and my future would be ruined.  Who on earth is not afraid of such situation?  But I guess a lot of people hadn’t thought of them being caught, that they would be careful so they won’t be caught.

I do sometimes am in the mood of chatting with old friends (guys) that I want to set a meet up.  I am like this because I felt my husband is not capable of making me feel that I am his wife, that I am important to him, that I am his love.  I’m not talking about s*x.  I am talking about the treatment.

Control… Control!!!

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