Someone wants to be my text mate!

I don’t entertain text mates.  I don’t have chat mates.  Well I got friends before and now from forums and Facebook chats.  But I entertain all of them because we have some things in common or interests, like programming, online selling, parenting.

There’s this one guy.  He is a 25 year old who removes most of the letters a, e, i, o, u.  And even removes some other consonant letters.  He becomes so irritating that I told him that I am a busy person, I am pregnant, I have a child, I have work to do, and I’m not open for text mates.  And so I asked him his age.  I told him that he is so old enough to look for text mates, and to spell words that is so unreadable.

He was saying that I am kind of insulting.  And still, he’s asking what my work is, and telling me that he can’t believe I am pregnant.  Hell, is being pregnant abnormal?  His words seems like telling me how I become pregnant.  Not the process on how a woman got pregnant.   It’s like a weird thing to him.

He is also asking if I already have a child, and where I am located.  I actually didn’t answer him, until he asked if I am still busy.  I send a text message saying that I am a really busy person.  That I am busy the whole day.  That if might want to try his luck to another number that would entertain him as a text mate, someone who doesn’t have anything to do.  He called me rude.

I really really really want to ask for his name and his complete address.  I really want to hire a killer!  Maybe I’m not really in the good mood and here he is so annoying.

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