How much is your online shop earning?

In the Philippines, and in other part of the world, online shop has been a new trend of earning money.   Most online shops are opened by of female gender, especially those who have kids.

If you’re one of those who have an online shop, how much are you earning?

Some online sellers are just earning a few, just to help on the month bills.

Some online sellers are not really earning.  But still try to earn a few, trying to survive the online selling world.

Some online sellers are earning as much as a regular normal employee is getting.

Some online sellers are earning as much as like opening a physical shop.

And this year, 2012, there are lots of online sellers who had felt the decrease of buyers.  I am one of those sellers who unfortunately got either none or just a few sales per day.  I got the dry sales on the month of June, July, and up to the August of 2nd week.  I’m talking about this year 2012.

I knew two online sellers who aren’t earning anymore.  Their sales doesn’t just drop.  But it seems like they can just close their online shop anytime they wishes.

If people with physical shop felt the sales decrease this year, the online shop had also felt it.  But still, there are new online shops opening every now and then, trying to start their own business online.

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