How to start selling online?

Do you wonder how people starts selling online?

People starts selling online for some reasons.  Sometimes, it just happens.  Sometimes, it’s planned.  To sell online, one should dedicate time on posting the items they sell.

This is not a walk-through on how to start selling online.  There’s no such walk-through on this kind of making money online.

On my experience, I got the right supplier for the product I am selling.  I started with just one product.  Until I got some inquiries about other product of the same like I am selling.  So I keep adding products.  I started small.  I didn’t mind getting big at one shot.

So, how did I start selling online? (Lucky Cow Shop)

  • I got just one product to sell.  That’s all I can sell at that moment.
  • I created a site and bought my own domain name.  I am serious on selling that one product online.  It’s a risk.  Well, you got to take risk to try something, right?
  • I just got a very few stocks on hand.
  • The stocks and the domain name costs less than 1,000 Philippine Peso.  So that’s my capital.  It’s worth the risk.  Well, I think 1,000 php is a real small capital to start on selling.
  • I accept PayPal and BDO bank deposits.  Well now, I don’t accept PayPal payments anymore.  But I do accept more ways of payment.
  • I had bought something online.  So I know how to send a package.  I didn’t ask existing online sellers on how to send package.  It (should be) common sense for someone who had received a package from an online seller.  Well, the airway bill (or we usually call it receipt from the courier) have the courier name and contact number.  I got to start somewhere.  I got to use a courier.
  • I tried searching for other couriers on Google Search.  Then I tried to check their fees.
  • I had tried selling something before… watches.  I kind of failed I think.  I learned something on online selling from that first online shop of mine.  I had a partner then.  I guess we lack experience on selling  🙂   Then my second online shop, I again had a partner (someone very close to me, I won’t mention who he is… he’s kind of a teen).  We didn’t really fail.  But I guess he just doesn’t want to be part of it.  I just want him to start earning money on his own.  I had already closed that site since I can’t concentrate on that online shop because… I am trying to build an online shop that I can call as my “business”, not just any side line.  That 3rd online shop is the Lucky Cow Shop.
  • I don’t have any “What if” question when I started selling online.  I just try.  It’s not that really big risk like getting a franchise, importing, exporting or opening a physical shop.  I just tried to sell online and go with the flow.  I guess this is one of the reasons why I am in online selling until now.
  • I know what I am selling.  I don’t sell things that is not on my line.  That’s why until now, I don’t sell beauty products like make-ups.  I got a few beauty products.  But I really can’t go deep with it.

All of those above, those are my secrets, or my experience.  People always ask me how to start selling online.  They ask me how did I start.  I tell them my story.  I tell them those that I had listed above, and more depending on their questions.  And of all those who had asked me about starting an online shop, I think there’s just one who had started and is now into online selling.

There are a lot of those who sell their pre-loved items like clothes, or their children’s outgrown stuff, etc.  Some of those who sell pre-loved items do try to sell new items too and got successful on online selling.

Some of those online sellers are resellers, meaning they get their items from other sellers in a lower price.  Many of the resellers doesn’t like the risk of keeping stocks because of the risk that they might fail on selling online.  What would they do with their stocks.  Reselling is one of the risk-free kind of selling.  If you want to try selling things online, you can try to resell other sellers product.

There are also those who sell things in pre-order basis.  They post pictures online with no existing stock on hand.  People pay for the items.   Then the seller would order those items from their supplier.  This is kind of reselling but these kinds of sellers are really strict with the pre-order rule.

I am a  wholesaler and I also sell retail.  I have resellers.  I do drop ship to my reseller’s buyers.  Drop ship means that the supplier of the seller would be the one to send the package straight to the seller’s buyer.

Wholesaling (and retailing) works for me.  But I haven’t tried reselling yet.  I actually tried reselling one product but I don’t have buyers on that item until now.  On pre-order basis of selling, I’m not sure if that would work on me.

Other sellers prefer reselling, while others prefer pre-order basis of selling.  It would actually depend on what kind of selling you are comfortable with.

And remember these…

  • It doesn’t mean that others are already selling the items you are eyeing on selling, means that you won’t succeed.
  • It doesn’t mean that others can sell the same item in a much lower price compare to your price, that they can be more successful than you are.
  • It doesn’t mean that a seller is sure to be a successful one because you see them active in seller groups, or they are the said admin of a seller group.  It doesn’t count like that.
  • It doesn’t mean that you are a silent seller (example you don’t join any groups or is not participating in forum discussions), you won’t get any buyers.
  • Family, relatives and friends can help you with your online shop.  But I prefer not asking them to like my Facebook page, buy from me, or resell my products.  You can announce on your Yahoo Messenger status and on your Facebook status that you have your online shop and you are inviting everyone to visit your site.  You don’t need to personally ask everyone.  Sometimes, it annoys people.

Try to be cool and think about how your online shop would be.  Start with something.   In any business or plans in life, one got to start somewhere.  You don’t need to start big, unless you really have a lot of money 🙂

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