How to boost ones website to the Internet world?

My oldest blog is Google Pagerank 2. This one is Google Pagerank 0. And well, at last, my online shop (Lucky Cow Shop) got a Google Pagerank of 1. What’s with my Google Pagerank?

My oldest blog got lots of post. I had also build its link reputation before. My online shop… I can’t posts a lot on it because it’s an online shop. I can’t put any topic on it. Only those that I sell. But I did try to boost it’s Pagerank by link building.

About this very blog, I am starting to build the link reputation for this blog. If it’s N/A before, now it’s 0. N/A and 0 is a big difference. And soon, this blog’s Pagerank would crawl up.

What about those who like to build their Pagerank but doesn’t know how to? One can always try to get a link building service. It’s something that would boost your blog or website up so more people would be able to see your site. And it would build your site’s Pagerank too.

If you have a business and got a business website, link building is very important.

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