WordPress wp-admin Error

How to solve the WordPress wp-admin error?

I have just encountered this error.  After logging in, a page would show up (mine is http://www.wondermeimi.com/wp-admin) but as an error page.  On the title of the browser, it says 500 Internal Server Error.

There are some pages that I can access like /wp-admin/themes.php and others.  I manually type the links.  But I can’t access the page of my posts and I can’t add a new post.

I was a programmer.  But I’m not really good at long instruction.  I am pregnant and this error is killing me.  There are lots of solutions given online.

I had sent a support ticket on my host as a short cut.  Maybe they can help.  But the support hadn’t helped with the problem.  The support says that he can access my page.   And I don’t know if he actually had tried to log in on my WordPress blog or what.

How I solved the wp-admin Error?

– Go to /wp-admin/plugins.php page (mine is http://www.wondermeimi.com/wp-admin/plugins.php)

– Check if you have the Global Translator plug-in installed.  If yes, deactivate it.

– My problem solved.

If your /wp-admin/plugins.php page is also showing as an error page, you can delete the Global Translator plug-in folder manually by using an FTP client software to access your files.  Or you can log in to your host website and go to the file browser.   The plug-in is located inside the wp-content/plugins folder.

Deleteting the plug-in folder would automatically deactivate the plug-in.

This solve my problem.  Hope it solves yours too.

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