We’re now connected through SmartBro Internet Plan 999

Finally, we had decided to try the SmartBro Internet Plan 999.  We want to connect to the Internet through PLDT DSL but we can apply for one.  There’s no good condition underground cable left.  So we got no choice but to go wireless.

As for starters, we tried using Sun Broadband USB but playing online games  (my husband and mother-in-law) isn’t good at all.  And the game they are playing is a online playing card type of game.  Not even like those Left For Dead or World of Warcraft!  I can’t watch videos on Youtube without waiting the video file bytes downloading.  And I can’t really watch any video using my mobile phone connected via wifi.

I know the difference between the Sun Broadband USB and the SmartBro Plan 999.  There’s a lot of difference!  Now, I can watch videos on my mobile phone on Youtube.

We’re connected through the canopy type antenna.

For those who are normal users of the Internet,  SmartBro Plan 999 would be a good choice.  But of course, it would still depends on the signal you are getting. There might be places wherein signal of an Internet carrier would be bad.  When the SmartBro technical people (there are 2 of them) came, they installed the canopy and checked the speed of the Internet.  The SmartBro agent said that when I am not satisfied with the signal, I can request for the other type of connection or I can cancel my registration with them.

I just have a simple request with the technical person who came to install the canopy.  I asked him if he can install my router and set it up.  He said he can, with a 300 philippine pesos fee.  I just told him that I would just set the router myself.  That would be a nice sideline for them.  Just for the router… 300 philippine pesos.


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