Custom Pocket Knives

Who love freebies?  I do!  And I guess a lot of people love freebies.  I actually buy something because of freebies.  And sometimes, I like the freebie a lot that I buy the item even though I don’t need to buy it.  I love those items with freebies, especially personalized with the company’s name.

If I would be given a choice of which kind of freebie I would like to get, it would be pocket knives.  I need one.  I need to cut tapes, cartons and ropes when I send or pack packages on the way to the courier.  And hey, pocket knives as freebie is something different, a unique one.  Of course I’m sure that only selected customers would get such good freebie.

As a freebie or maybe as custom pocket knives for a group like boy scouts, alumni membership, or other groups, pocket knives are cool.

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