Movie: The Sorcerer and the White Snake

It is an Action/Adventure Genre starring Jet Li (Fa Hai), Eva Huang (White Snake), Charlene Choi (White Snake), Raymond Lam (Xu Xian) and Wen Zhang (Neng Ren). My friend and I have watched its trailer in the movie house. We were amazed after seeing the action and the martial arts plus the story and the sound effects. My friend asked me to watch it next time. Finally, we were inside the movie house waiting to watch for it. First part already showed Jet Li’s fight with one of the “demons”. We only heard their battle cries while fighting until Neng Ren, Fa Hai’s Assistant, started to deliver his lines. They speak in Chinese and has English subtitle. It was nice watching it but in the middle of the movie, I started to get sleepy. My friend said it was because it was kinda hard watching while reading the subtitle. You should see the full movie. I rate it 7/10, regardless of the language.

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